Blockchain and Industry

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Blockchain and Industry

How do you put your brilliant blockchain ideas into practice so that they can actually benefit you? "Blockchain and Industry" is designed to help you determine the applicability of blockchain technologies within your organization and implement them to strengthen your business and solve intricate problems. You will learn to differentiate between blockchain-based business models so that you pick the appropriate strategy for the given situation. You will develop and practice step-by-step processes for building a blockchain framework within your current company or launching a new blockchain organization.

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Knowledge Areas

Blockchain business models
Staffing for blockchain
Adopting blockchain in an existing company
Starting a blockchain business from scratch
Regulatory issues with blockchain
Blockchain do's and dont's
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Eric Winer, VP of Engineering, Gemini Trust Company

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Eric Winer, VP of Engineering, Gemini Trust Company

“Blockchains are here to stay, and they're not going to be uninvented. This course will help you navigate the burgeoning landscape of blockchains and understand how this new technology could help solve your business challenges.”

Course Modules

This intermediate-level blockchain course helps professionals with a working understanding of the philosophical and technical underpinnings of blockchain begin to apply it in a business context. It utilizes real-world examples to teach you how to select an effective blockchain implementation strategy for your organization and its business problems, and it trains you to impart blockchain skills to members of a new or existing team.

Module 1: Blockchain and Industry

Compare blockchains to some of the alternative technologies available in a business context. Determine the applicability of blockchain technology to a given business problem.

Module 2: Blockchain's Place in Business

Compare and contrast the different structures and monetization options available for blockchains. Determine the benefits and drawbacks of tokenization, including ICOs and NFTs.

Module 3: Blockchain-Based Business Models

Recount the decisions necessary in creating a blockchain. Analyze products in the enterprise blockchain space and the impact implementation has on choice availability.

Module 4: Designing Your Blockchain

Compare and contrast public versus private blockchains. Identify core governance activities and approaches. Evaluate the utility of a blockchain.

Module 5: Building Your Blockchain From the Ground Up

Identify the issues that surround creating a blockchain strategy for a company. Develop a vision for your blockchain project.

Module 6: Implementing Blockchain in Your Business

Identify challenges related to building and implementing a blockchain. Describe the current legal and regulatory impact on blockchains. Determine appropriate ways to staff a blockchain initiative.

Module 7: Interacting With a Blockchain

Analyze how new innovations may create blockchain challenges. Discuss various blockchain-based applications. Compare and contrast private versus public blockchains.

Module 8: New Innovations in Blockchain

Summarize successes within the blockchain space. Predict how the decentralized future will affect organizations and economies. Evaluate the next-generation blockchain platform.

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Eric Winer, VP of Engineering, Gemini Trust Company

Eric Winer, VP of Engineering at Gemini Trust Company, is dedicated to making blockchain accessible for consumers around the globe. In his five years building blockchain solutions at Gemini, Mr. Winer architected the world’s first fully licensed and regulated cryptocurrency exchange, and he has guided the rapid expansion of Gemini to over 150 employees, including recruiting and training over 50 blockchain-focused engineers. He has represented Gemini at the Litecoin Conference and recently received a patent for an innovation in blockchain and cryptocurrency application security.

Prior to his time at Gemini, Mr. Winer helped Bridgewater Associates overhaul internal systems used for economic research. Working directly with the company’s senior leadership team, he helped form the data-driven recruiting and management toolkit that is still used daily and is referenced in Ray Dalio’s “Principles.” Mr. Winer has also provided strategic consulting for a number of private projects.

Mr. Winer is a graduate of Dartmouth College’s Thayer School of Engineering.