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Build your advantage in blockchain and beyond.

Online FinTech Courses From EmergingEd

Bitcoin for business
Blockchain Foundations and Frameworks

A foundational course on blockchain technology and its importance in a business setting. Study its origins in cryptocurrency and explore cryptocurrency issues for investors, consumers, developers and businesses. Learn to analyze potential risks associated with business applications of blockchain.

Subject-Matter Expert: Eric Winer
Length: 8 weeks
Cost: $1,500
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Blockchain impact on industry
Blockchain and Industry

A detailed look at the applicability of blockchain technologies to contemporary business problems. Study multiple blockchain business model options and best practices for creating a blockchain framework for a business. Learn to build a blockchain-focused team within your organization or to launch a new blockchain venture.

Subject-Matter Expert: Eric Winer
Length: 8 weeks
Cost: $1,500
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Examples of Blockchain
Blockchain Case Studies

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Gain the FinTech skills of tomorrow.

Online FinTech courses can help you keep up and stay relevant when skill sets in blockchain and similar technologies become required for the most desirable job opportunities across industries.

And adding blockchain and other FinTech skills and knowledge to your management toolkit can position you to lead with agility and drive your organization to innovate.

Redefine Your Career

Build the cutting-edge FinTech skills that successful professionals increasingly need to have, and make your resume stand out from the competition.

Lead Dynamically

Propel your organization to the front of its industry by embracing the FinTech tools that are changing the way smart decisions are made.

Expand Your Vision

Learn the surprising extent of applications for blockchain and other FinTech tools, and change your—and your company's—perception of what's possible.

Now is the time to learn how to work with transformative technologies like blockchain.

Financial technology, or “FinTech,” continues to reshape the skill sets in high demand for leading-edge organizations. FinTech Tools like blockchain are redefining the way business is done—blockchain startups raised $822 million dollars in the first half of 2019 alone,1 and the technology has been hailed for its potential to streamline transnational transactions, enable automatically triggering “smart contracts” and make possible countless other business innovations.2

Businesses and professionals that want to keep up in this dynamic environment must embrace FinTech to continue to operate efficiently, securely and with vision toward the future.

$111.8 billion

Global investment in the FinTech sector in 20183

88 percent

of banks, insurers and investment managers fear losing business to FinTech startups4

82 percent

of banks, insurers and investment managers plan to increase FinTech partnerships4

84 percent

of executives believe that blockchain technology is broadly scalable and will reach widespread adoption5

Explore the online FinTech courses offered by EmergingEd, and find out how they can build the skills that propel your career advantage.

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