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Frequently Asked Questions

Program Content

Which course should I take?

EmergingEd offers online courses to serve professionals across the organization, including executives, managers, and operators. Executives, and those that lead their organizations, may need to set a direction on emerging topics, trends and technologies and protect the company from new threats. Managers, who have the responsibility to oversee work in these new topics, may need to become aware of emerging risks and review solutions to address new liabilities. Operators may want to further develop their skill sets in new areas and monitor their effectiveness in an evolving business landscape. You may also be interested in boosting your professional credibility by preparing to sit for an industry certification exam.

Use each course description as a test to determine your fit. Keep in mind, many people take a course because it will help them make a change in their career. If you are not sure, please contact customer support. Our trained staff can consult with you to help you make the right choice.

Policies and Procedures

What is EmergingEd’s refund policy?

You may request a 100 percent refund of tuition up to 11:59 p.m. CT on the first date of the course. After the first date of the course, no refund will be granted.

All refunds are processed within 30 days of the request date. You are expected to provide full documentation, as described in our Terms of Use, at the time of withdrawal to request a refund. Failure to notify customer support in writing of withdrawal may delay refund of tuition.

We may modify our refund policy at any time with or without specific notice to you; provided, however, that the refund policy in effect at the time of any transaction shall apply to such purchase despite any subsequent change in such policy. Please call us at +1-888-311-4933 to request a refund.

I signed up for a course that will start in a few weeks, but now I need to change my start date. What do I need to do?

Please reach out to our customer support team at or +1-888-311-4933 for assistance in changing your start date.

Once I'm enrolled in a course, how much time do I have to complete it?

Courses are either four or eight weeks in length, which represents the amount of time you will have to complete the course. You will have access to your course for two additional weeks after it ends to download resources. Assignments cannot be submitted during this two-week period. After that time, your access will be removed.

Can I work ahead or do I need to stay on track each week?

EmergingEd courses are designed to flexibly fit around the busy schedules of working professionals. For this reason, you may work ahead with readings, video content, practice exercises and quizzes.

However, because peer-to-peer engagement and networking are important to EmergingEd’s learning model, there are assignments in each module that have deadlines and class discussions that require you to keep up with your course’s week-to-week pacing.

What happens if I don't complete the course within the allotted time frame?

You must complete your course within the given time frame. If you do not complete all work for your course, your final grade will be calculated based on the work completed and turned in prior to the course end date. You must receive an overall grade of 80 percent or higher to receive a certificate of completion. You may retake a course if you wish, but this would require you to pay again and start the course at its beginning with a new cohort.

What if I miss a deadline? Can I get an extension?

Unfortunately, we don't offer extensions if you miss an assignment deadline. Late assignments will be given a 10 percent deduction in grade. Any incomplete assignments will be given a zero after the course end date.

I see a due date and time for assignments in my course. Are these times set to my own time zone? If not, can I change the time zone in Canvas to reflect my local time?

All dates and times throughout your Canvas courses are displayed according to the course's time zone, which for EmergingEd is Central time. However, you can set your own time zone in your user account and have important dates and times displayed in your local time zone throughout your course. Displaying dates and times in your local time may help you stay up to date on assignments and due dates, especially if your course’s time zone differs significantly from where you reside.

How are groups assigned?

Groups are randomly assigned to facilitate interacting with a diverse set of peers.

When do I get my Certificate of Completion and Digital Badge?

You will receive your Certificate of Completion and Digital Badge via email upon successful completion of the course. To successfully complete a course, you must earn an overall grade of 80 percent or higher and complete the end-of-course survey.

Are EmergingEd courses available in my state?

Unfortunately, we are not accepting enrollments from the state of Illinois at this time. If you are a citizen of, or residing in, the state of Illinois, please do not sign up for any EmergingEd courses.

Customer Support

What happens if I have a question during class?

General questions should be submitted to customer support via the help menu in the learning management system. Questions can also be submitted via live chat from the EmergingEd website or email at . Customer support can be reached via phone at +1-888-311-4933 during regular business hours in the Central time zone. Canvas also offers 24-hour technology support, which can be accessed through the help menu as well.

What is the page rating tool that pops up when I am in Canvas?

The page rating tool is a tool that appears on every page in a course. You may give each page a rating from 1 to 5 stars and leave a comment to provide feedback about the learning experience. This feedback is used to improve the course experience.

However, the page rating tool is not a good channel through which to submit a request for help. Please reach out to customer support through normal channels if you need assistance.

Are EmergingEd courses accessible outside of the United States?

Yes, however some course materials may be blocked in certain countries if you do not use a VPN, which could cause intermittent service issues. Please contact customer support with any additional questions.

I'm having technical issues with my course. Who do I contact?

Please contact Canvas support through the help menu once you are logged into Canvas or by calling +1-833-396-6228.

Are there any support resources for students with learning difficulties or physical disabilities?

Students requiring accommodations should notify EmergingEd as soon as such needs arise. Students are responsible for making their needs known in writing to a customer support associate and seeking assistance when required. Reasonable accommodations will be made on an individual basis when possible. Information supplied by a student seeking accommodations regarding his or her disability is voluntary and confidential. Any information shared will be communicated internally among EmergingEd staff to reasonably accommodate a student’s disability.

How do I refer a future EmergingEd course to a colleague?

Thank you for referring EmergingEd! Please share our website ( with your colleagues. They can take a look at all the courses we have available and enroll directly on our website.

I am really enjoying my EmergingEd course. Is there a discount for continuing on to another course?

We're glad you're enjoying your course! EmergingEd is looking into offering discounts for our repeat students in the future. Please check back on our website for more information about course discounts and bundling course offers in the future.