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Gain an edge with in-demand data science skills.

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Machine Learning Foundations and Frameworks

A survey of key machine learning concepts and terminology. Explore the origins and implications of machine learning, as well as its applicability to existing business problems. Discover potential risks associated with machine learning and learn management best practices for mitigating them.

Subject-Matter Expert: Thomas W. Miller, Ph.D.
Length: 8 weeks
Cost: $1,500
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Machine Learning and Industry

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Machine Learning Case Studies

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Use Data Science to Solve Complex Challenges

If you are a professional who wants to keep up with the pace of modern business, you should be sharpening your analytical toolkit today.

Increase Your Value

Start building a machine learning and data science skill set that can qualify you for America’s number one job, according to Glassdoor.1

Stay Competitive

Keep up with the competition in a job market in which the number of analytics-savvy professionals is expected to double by the end of 2020.2

Lead With Vision

Train yourself to work with the rapidly developing analytics tools that drive agile, smart decision-making, and keep your organization at the front of the field.

The data science revolution shows no signs of abating as analytics-driven roles redefine countless industries and create countless new opportunities.

Business organizations across industries today are recognizing the value of a workforced adept in data science skills. A study by the McKinsey Global Institute indicates that as much as $2.6 trillion of additional value may be created by AI and machine learning worldwide by 2020 in the field of marketing alone, and another $2 trillion in manufacturing and supply chain planning, and global market intelligence firm IDC predicts that spending on cognitive and AI systems will more than triple by 2022.3

Data science skill sets in machine learning, programming, data visualization and modeling are increasingly essential for the most lucrative and desirable roles on the market.

2.7 million

Projected job openings requiring data and analytics skills in the U.S. in 20204

43 percent

of CIOs report a skills shortage in big data/analytics5


machine learning job postings nationwide over a 12-month period6

two times

projected growth in machine learning roles by 20237

Explore the online data science courses offered by EmergingEd, and see how building data science skills can create your career advantage.

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