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Office Security Considerations

Cloud Security

Cybersecurity may seem straightforward when your data is housed on your own servers, but what happens when it's out of your hands?

Cloud Security prepares you with the knowledge and mindset to maintain a culture of security in an organization that utilizes cloud environments. You will learn to distinguish between on-premise security systems and those used in cloud-based services, and you will build the knowledge to identify appropriate on-premise security controls that should be present in cloud environments as well as security controls that can be applied in cloud environments. Using real-world examples, you will practice applying these controls effectively.

Knowledge Areas

Cloud-based cybersecurity systems • Common cloud vendors • Cloud asset monitoring • Cloud deployment • Third-party cybersecurity tools • Investigating a cloud-based breach • Data privacy and regulatory compliance

The Details

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Course Details

This targeted cybersecurity course is suited for management-level professionals whose organizations use cloud-based services to conduct any portion of their business. Upon completion, you will possess a detailed understanding of the intricacies of security programs in cloud environments and be able to strategically enact the appropriate measures to protect your company’s digital assets.

The Cloud Security course covers the following topics over four instructional modules:

  • Module 1: Translating Existing Security Controls to a Cloud Environment
  • Module 2: Building Policies and Identifying Process Owners
  • Module 3: Design and Architecture That Safeguard Data
  • Module 4: Ongoing Monitoring and Auditing
Jeffrey Groman

Your Subject-Matter Expert:

Jeffrey Groman, CISSP

Jeffrey Groman, founder of Groman Consulting Group, is dedicated to helping organizations identify and resolve their greatest cybersecurity risks. Mr. Groman has worked in the security field for more than 20 years. As a cybersecurity consultant, he has guided major corporations, including banks, insurance companies and software providers through risk prevention and rapid response to incidents and security breaches.

Mr. Groman is certified in forensic analysis and application security, and previously worked with Mandiant Security Consulting Services and FireEye, providing strategic and incident response consulting to security teams and educating executives through delivery of SOC assessments. In these roles, Mr. Groman led a team of consultants and functional experts in working with a wide range of clients across multiple verticals, including NYC Health and Hospitals, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, Ameriprise Financial, American Express, Ally, Huntington National Bank, Eaton, Caterpillar, DST Systems, Sprint and TransAmerica.

Mr. Groman is passionate about cybersecurity and partnering with clients to find solutions to complex issues. His book "Avoid These 11 Pitfalls and Minimize the Pain of Your Next Data Breach" is designed to help organizations learn from his decades of real-world experience. He has presented at Information Systems Security Association International (ISSA), NetSecure, and Infragard conferences; briefed boards of directors; conducted tabletop exercises and workshops; and helped clients build security processes to be better prepared for the inevitable.

Mr. Groman has a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Colorado, Boulder.