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Reshape the way healthcare and technology intersect and bring the healthcare industry into the digital age.
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Don’t assume you need to be a physician or nurse to enter the healthcare technology field. Non-clinical staff members are essential to the workforce, as they make up the majority of the healthcare system and don’t require a medical degree.1

With $3.1 billion invested in digital health ventures in just the first quarter of 2020, health tech is flush with opportunity for those who have the skills to fill new roles.2 Eighty percent of consumers are willing to wear smart devices that measure their health data.3 This leads to a massive influx of new patient-generated data that the medical field needs to learn to utilize efficiently. This gap between the knowledge medical professionals have and the knowledge they need has created a demand for individuals with specific health technology skills and the ability to meet the continuously evolving requirements of healthcare staff.

$509.2 billion

The size the global digital health market is expected to reach by 20254

Our Health Tech Courses

Explore the professional development programs in healthcare technology offered by Purdue University and EmergingEd, and see how our targeted health tech training can give you the career advantage you need.

Lead the Health Tech Revolution

The healthcare industry is increasingly dependent on technology to improve methodology, patient outcomes and data management. Now is the time to pursue a career path that affects millions of lives daily.

Make Informed Decisions

Enhance your existing workforce expertise with a base of healthcare technology skills that can support thoughtful and effective clinical decisions.

Hone Your Competitive Edge

Gain health tech skills that are increasingly required for successful professionals to confidently fill roles in this rapidly evolving field.

Reimagine Your Career

Prepare yourself to pivot into a career as a health tech professional with training in the latest healthcare technology techniques, software and policies.

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Purdue University’s online professional development courses are offered in collaboration with EmergingEd, a leader in online professional education. Through this partnership, we are able to deliver industry-approved, expert-driven, high-impact course content to the Purdue University lifelong learning community.

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