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Add blockchain skills to your management toolkit and position yourself to lead with agility and drive your organization to innovate.
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Blockchain—the digital ledger technology behind the cryptocurrency boom of the past decade—continues to revolutionize roles throughout the business world. Blockchain is the number one in-demand hard business skill for 2020,1 according to LinkedIn, and it has been hailed for its potential to streamline transnational transactions, enable automatically triggering “smart contracts” and make possible countless other business innovations.2

Businesses and professionals that want to keep up in this dynamic environment must embrace blockchain to operate efficiently, securely and with vision toward the future.

$822 million

Amount raised by blockchain startups in the first half of 20193

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Our Blockchain Courses

Explore the online blockchain professional development courses offered by Purdue University and EmergingEd, and find out how our targeted training can build the skills that propel your career advantage.

Learn Blockchain Skills on the Leading Edge of Business

Now is the time to position yourself to land one of the rapidly proliferating blockchain jobs at forward-looking organizations and to prepare for a day when blockchain skills are required for the most desirable opportunities across industries.

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Redefine Your Career

Build the blockchain skills that successful professionals increasingly need to have, and make your resume stand out from the competition.

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Lead Dynamically

Propel your organization to the front of its industry by embracing the dynamic tech tool changing the way smart decisions are made.

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Expand Your Vision

Learn surprising applications for blockchain, and change your—and your company’s—perception of what’s possible with this revolutionary technology.

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Purdue University’s online professional development courses are offered in collaboration with EmergingEd, a leader in online professional education. Through this partnership, we are able to deliver industry-approved, expert-driven, high-impact course content to the Purdue University lifelong learning community.

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