Top Cybersecurity Companies in 2020

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The State of Cybersecurity

According to Cybersecurity Ventures, damage related to cybercrime is projected to hit $6 trillion annually by 2021.1 The majority of our economy is now reliant on the internet and cybersecurity to stay afloat, hence the growing need for qualified individuals and cybersecurity companies to support security expansion.

By 2021, there will be 3.5 million open cybersecurity jobs, up significantly from 1 million in 2014.2 The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects information security analyst jobs, considered entry-level cybersecurity positions, to grow by 32 percent from 2018 to 2028.3 However, according to a recent survey by the Center for Strategic & International Studies, a global think tank, “82 percent of employers report a shortage of cybersecurity skills.”4 These figures highlight that there are not enough qualified individuals to fill every open job in this rapidly growing sector.

One of the positives of the industry is the ever-changing landscape, which creates a need for individuals to pursue lifelong learning to stay relevant. From hackers constantly hunting for the weak points in various security methods to staying ahead of the game by utilizing artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the eventual rise of quantum computing, continuing to be competitive in this space requires a desire for continual learning.

Cybersecurity companies cannot afford to be stagnant. They must continue to evolve and innovate.5 From hiring individuals with proven skills to staying ahead of the curve, companies that want to be the best must go the extra mile. To stay on top, they must adopt various methodologies, along with new technology, to keep people and companies safe online.

Five Top Cybersecurity Companies Worth Checking Out

Besides helping their clients build in-house cybersecurity teams, cybersecurity companies develop a myriad of solutions that benefit organizations.

Many different companies are operating in the cybersecurity space, but there are only a few that go above and beyond for their customers. What makes a company the best is how they utilize new technology to the benefit of their clients.

Here are five of the top cybersecurity companies in 2020:

1. Deep Instinct6

Unique in its approach to cybersecurity, this U.S. and Israel-based company capitalizes on deep learning to improve cybersecurity in real-time. They use predictive capabilities and an on-device solution that protects against various short-term and advanced persistent threats (APT). APT is a broad term used to describe any cybersecurity attack where an intruder, or group of intruders, establishes a long-term presence on a network in order to mine data.

Deep Instinct safeguards endpoints like computers and mobile devices against threats, whether they are connected to an internal network or the internet. By applying artificial intelligence and deep learning technology, companies are protected against unknown and evasive cybersecurity attacks regardless of their origin.

Deep Instinct brings an innovative approach to cybersecurity that identifies and blocks threats in real-time before data is compromised.

2. Mimecast7

Mimecast’s focus is on assisting clients so they can manage confidential business data and communication. This cybersecurity company helps reduce the cost of protecting users and makes cybersecurity more user-friendly through the cloud. Developing a cloud platform to provide comprehensive security for email services enables businesses to protect themselves from continually changing security environments.

In 2019, Mimecast expanded its technology portfolio by buying DMARC Analyzer, an email security company, along with a data migration technology provider. Taking these steps has helped them offer cloud migration services and reduce the time and effort needed to stop domain spoofing attacks.

Mimecast’s most recent acquisition is Segasec, another provider of digital threat protection. With this acquisition, Mimecast uses machine learning to identify hackers before they can compromise a system. Segasec has also allowed them to engineer a means to actively monitor and take down phishing attempts on the web.

3. FireEye8

The 2019 winner of Gigabit's Best Security Company of the Year award has done a lot to push the cybersecurity sector forward via their innovative solutions and by helping to close the skills gap in the field by offering cybersecurity courses.FireEye is a flexible solution that integrates into pre-existing ecosystems and uses automation, along with real-time threat intelligence, to protect users. It also offers penetration testing for clients, which provides its employees with actual hacking experience and a better understanding of how to get ahead of hackers.

In 2013 FireEye acquired Mandiant, an acknowledged leader in endpoint security, incident response, and remediation, with more than two million endpoints installed globally. The combined product portfolio of these companies has delivered end-to-end protection and meaningful value to companies as well as expert-led cybersecurity training for employees. 

Trusted by more than 50 percent of the Forbes Global 2000 to keep vital company secrets and processes safe, this California-based organization has an extensive portfolio of services spanning multiple verticals.

4. SECURITI.ai10 is known as the creator of the discipline PrivacyOps. According to their website, “PrivacyOps is the combination of philosophies, practices, cross-functional collaboration, automation, and orchestration that increases an organization’s ability to comply with a myriad of global privacy regulations reliably and with greater speed.”

Besides keeping people and companies safe, it allows organizations to:

  • Give users a say on what happens to their data
  • Comply with national and international privacy regulations while being responsible with the data entrusted to them offers a variety of apps that create an all-encompassing security ecosystem that simplifies cybersecurity by utilizing robotic automation. It was the winner of the 2020 Most Innovative Startup award at the RSA Conference.11

5. Absolute12

Organizations need complete visibility and real-time insights to find unauthorized endpoints, uncover anything that’s broken, respond to threats, and take action.

Absolute is known for endpoint security, visibility, and control. Used in over half a billion devices, it provides customers with self-healing endpoint security, always-connected visibility into their devices, data, users, and applications, whether endpoints are on the corporate network or not.

The company empowers organizations to build an enterprise security approach that is adaptive and self-healing.

Joining a Top Cybersecurity Company

Top cybersecurity companies don’t shy away from using promising technology to find the best solutions for their clients. Some use artificial intelligence to keep data safe. Others offer full security ecosystems, and some close the skills gap via online learning.13

Many individuals aspiring to expand their skills thrive in the cybersecurity career path. And not all cybersecurity professionals start out in the field, there are plenty of opportunities to enter a new role if you have the right set of skills. Given the heightened demand and a zero percent unemployment rate projected through 2021, there’s plenty of opportunity for everyone. The 36.5 percent growth rate bodes just as well for newcomers as it does for more seasoned cyber fighters.14 You just need to have the right attitude, a hunger for knowledge and the patience to learn new skills. 



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