In-demand Cybersecurity Skills for Your Future

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Here’s how you can learn skills for one of the most in-demand jobs in the world

EmergingEd has taken technical cybersecurity training online with a strategic partnership with FireEye, an intelligence-led security company.

The partnership, announced this week, pairs Chicago-based EmergingEd – a leader in online skills training – with California-based FireEye, which traditionally has offered their first course in the partnership through a three-day, on-site training.

With the growing need for cybersecurity skills training and necessity to offer courses online, the partnership has expanded from originally one cybersecurity course to four within the next several months.

“Given the current environment with people working from home and the inability to provide on-ground training, we recognized the importance of expanding our partnership and are proud to offer training in essential cybersecurity skills online,” said Lexi Zarecky, Managing Director at EmergingEd.

The first course offered in the partnership is Network Traffic Analysis, which was developed with FireEye Technical Instructor Jessica Hays, who served nearly nine years in the U.S. Navy and managed several teams in her role as a Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command Watch Officer in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Cybersecurity is one of the most sought-after positions in the economy. According to Cybercrime Magazine, there is a zero percent unemployment rate in cybersecurity and endless opportunities in the field. The New York Times reported there will be “3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs globally by 2021.”

“There is a massive skills gap in this discipline,” Zarecky said. “this is an opportunity for a lot of people to take advantage of these online courses and learn valuable skills.”

The courses, which had a planned retail for $4,050, are available for a limited time for $2,000. Comprised of four instructional modules and four live hands-on digital labs, the Network Traffic Analysis course teaches learners how to identify malicious network activity using network protocols, network architecture, intrusion detection systems, network traffic capture and traffic analysis. In this course, learners connect directly with FireEye Mandiant experts to learn the most in-demand cutting-edge skills and apply them to simulated, live networks in a safe environment.

Unique to this course with FireEye, each instructional module is paired with a live lab session. The lab component connects online learners directly to a technical expert who can guide them through the practical aspects of security processes in a risk-free setting including network sensor placement, network flow analysis, event-based analysis and more.

Enrollment for Network Traffic Analysis is now available. For more information, visit EmergingEd is a leader in online skills training and delivers expert-driven, high-impact courses in some of the most in-demand professional development areas to help individuals stay ahead of the curve and meet changing workforce demands. EmergingEd currently offers online courses in three tech-forward disciplines including cybersecurity, blockchain and data science with plans to expand into health tech, digital marketing and design by the end of 2020. EmergingEd partners with industry leaders at the forefront of their fields – renowned faculty and chairs of academic programs, sought-after consultants, authors and researchers – from leading companies like FireEye, Gemini and HP to design and create a portfolio of online courses that teach the most sought-after skills in the most in-demand emerging technology fields. To learn more about EmergingEd's cutting-edge online learning platform and for more information, visit EmergingEd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Everspring, Inc. (, a leading provider of online program support and digital enablement to top-ranked universities.

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