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Important Blockchain Applications & Uses for Businesses in 2020

Important Blockchain Applications & Uses for Businesses in 2020 Outside of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, talk about blockchain has flown under the radar. While some business leaders are actively learning all they can about this new technology, most aren't aware of its potential. But it's a game-changer for many industries. As a result, as blockchain becomes more pervasive in areas like finance, security, supply chain, and smart contracts, business leaders who can integrate it into strategy will have a distinct advantage. So how do you develop your knowledge base so you're ready to innovate using blockchain? New educational providers offer...

Cybersecurity at Home: How Remote Work Is Impacting Cybersecurity Needs

How Working from Home Will Impact Cybersecurity With the recent move of many companies to have their staff work from home in a bid to help “flatten the curve,” people are wondering if this solution will end up becoming permanent. While physical safety is important, cybersecurity is also critical to companies. Many had to scramble to set up or expand their work-from-home capabilities in response to the recent health crisis. People rely on technology to connect with family, friends, coworkers, or look for a new job. The internet has seen a major spike in the number of online users at...

Why Blockchain Is Important to Businesses in 2020—Here's Why

Blockchain technology is evolving as businesses learn to leverage it. Here's why blockchain is important for business and the skills you need to stay on top of the trend. 

Trust. We all need it, wherever we live and work—especially in our professional lives. Blockchain data is hard to violate or copy. It makes digital money easy to transfer and exchange, quickly and cheaply.

That’s why blockchain, in a world where data is increasingly monetized, is relevant to business. It’s an act of faith, digitized.

The number of Bitcoins entering circulation will soon drop by half while the demand will theoretically stay the same. There are many passionate discussions about how the market will respond to this event, but it’s the prospect of an increase in cryptocurrency’s price that’s helping this event gain public attention.