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About EmergingEd

Your leader in online skills training.

EmergingEd believes in every professional’s ability to grow, and we strive to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to thrive. We offer online upskilling courses in some of the most in-demand professional development areas to help you stay on the leading edge of major trends and emergent knowledge gaps.

Learn with EmergingEd to enhance your strengths as a leader, to prepare to pivot toward a new professional challenge or to equip yourself with the tools to advance in today’s workplace.

Our Values

At EmergingEd, we challenge ourselves to adhere to these key values in every facet of the work we do for you, to ensure each of our offerings represents the pinnacle of online education.
Coursework is developed to accommodate to working professionals

We believe in extending skills and knowledge to anyone who is motivated to seek them with convenient online delivery.

Woman works through interactive coursework

Our hands-on approach to crafting online courses puts our learners first with robust, interactive educational content.

Woman leads meeting

Professional education is only as valuable as the career opportunities it provides, so we ensure our course content is as timely as possible.

Why We Do It

78 percent

of companies believe in the importance of digital skills training for leaders in today’s workforce1

5 percent

of companies have strong programs to develop digital skills and knowledge in place today1

77 percent

of companies are more likely to shortlist qualified job candidates with a record of upskilling2

67 percent

of business leaders believe institutions today do not graduate students with necessary skills3

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