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Because your competitive edge can always use sharpening.

Coming Soon! Online Certificate Courses From EmergingEd

Hone your business toolkit with online continuing education.

The most successful professionals across all fields and industries have one thing in common: They never stop learning.

EmergingEd is excited to share a new vision for expert-driven, online continuing education to expand your professional knowledge and accelerate your career potential. Soon, you will be able to receive essential training in some of the hottest topics in the professional world today through our online courses, with certificates available in as little as eight weeks.

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What can EmergingEd do for you?

Market-Informed Material
Market-Informed Material

Our online certificate course offerings are being built with today's most valuable professional skills and technical knowledge in mind, through careful research into trends and developments that can impact your organization today and in the future.

Expert-Driven Education

EmergingEd's online certificate courses will be designed and delivered by leading authorities on the trending topics that drive business today. We will directly connect lifelong learners like you to exclusive course content from these experts to give your career the boost it needs.

Intuitive Online Delivery

We are experts in digital delivery of education programs, and we are designing our online certificate courses to fit your schedule as a busy professional. You'll be able to select courses, enroll, and access your lessons and materials anytime, anywhere—even on the go!

A Sneak Peek at Our Online Certificate Courses


Foundations of Cybersecurity

An introduction to the topic of cybersecurity for business leaders. Learn to identify and assess common cybersecurity risks, and examine the legal aspects of cybersecurity that you may encounter from a leadership role. Material is built around interactive case studies of common cybersecurity scenarios.


Foundations of Machine Learning for Business

A survey of key machine learning concepts and terminology. Learn to recognize opportunities for deploying machine learning effectively in your organization through real-world case studies, and identify the business possibilities and opportunities for profit that machine learning can enable.


Foundations of Blockchain for Business

A foundational course on key elements of blockchain technology and its importance in a business setting. Study its well-known cryptocurrency application and other ways in which it can benefit business organizations. Through real-world case studies, prepare to use blockchain to solve business challenges.

The Details


100% Online




Live Office Hours


6-8 Hours of Work per Week


8 Weeks per Course