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In-Demand, Trending Technology Courses

EmergingEd offers online courses in four technology-forward professional disciplines. These subjects have been chosen because of their current and projected demand in the job market, and for the rapidly-evolving nature of their technology skills and tools.

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Regardless of your role or industry, developing a working knowledge of cybersecurity best practices and actionable cybersecurity skills can make you an invaluable asset to your organization and prepare you to lead with vision and confidence.

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Data Science

Analytics-driven roles are redefining industries and creating countless new opportunities. Data science skill sets in machine learning, artificial intelligence, data visualization and modeling are becoming essential for the most desirable jobs on the market.

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Adding blockchain skills and knowledge to your management toolkit can position you to lead with agility and drive your organization to innovate. Ensure your skill set and your organization stay relevant as blockchain transforms business worldwide.

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Health Tech

As the $100 billion+ healthcare industry in the U.S. continues to modernize, an increasing number of roles will require knowledge of technological systems and strategies like health informatics and integrated health service analytics.

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