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The most successful professionals across all fields and industries have one thing in common: They never stop learning.

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Seize your advantage with expert-driven upskilling courses on the leading edge.

EmergingEd is excited to share a new vision for professional education, built with leading industry experts and delivered 100 percent online. Through meticulous research into trends across industries, we have designed professional development courses to precisely target the applied, in-demand, technology-focused knowledge areas that drive business today and into the future.

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Our courses are designed and delivered by leading authorities on trending business topics. We connect you to exclusive course content from these industry experts to give your career the boost it needs.

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Convenient and Flexible

We have designed our online courses to fit your busy schedule. You can select courses, enroll, and access your lessons and materials anytime, anywhere—even on the go!

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Professional Impact

Each course module features gamified elements that let you unlock Professional Impact Now (PIN) resources, downloadable takeaways of key information that can be immediately applied in your career.

Our Online Upskilling Courses


Cybersecurity Foundations and Frameworks

An introduction to the topic of cybersecurity for managers. Learn to identify and assess common cybersecurity risks, and examine legal and compliance-related aspects of cybersecurity that you may encounter from a leadership role. Material is built around case scenarios derived from the current threat landscape.


Blockchain Foundations and Frameworks

A foundational course on blockchain technology and its importance in a business setting. Study its origins in cryptocurrency and explore cryptocurrency issues for investors, consumers, developers and businesses. Learn to analyze potential risks associated with business applications of blockchain.

Cybersecurity Risk to Industries and Response Plans

Cybersecurity Risk and Industry

Coming Soon!

A practical course on leading successful cybersecurity business initiatives for managers. Practice developing effective incident response plans. Learn to deputize non-security staff with cybersecurity responsibilities and to proactively maintain your company’s cybersecurity technology capabilities.

Cybersecurity Case Studies Scenarios

Cybersecurity Case Studies

Coming Soon!

A deep dive into real-world cybersecurity scenarios designed to help managers with cybersecurity responsibilities create strategic assessments to optimize their capabilities and prioritize their spend. Learn to proactively detect and mitigate threats and effectively utilize automation and orchestration.

Blockchain and Industries

Blockchain and Industry

Coming Soon!

A detailed look at the applicability of blockchain technologies to contemporary business problems. Study multiple blockchain business model options and best practices for creating a blockchain framework for a business. Learn to build a blockchain-focused team within your organization or to launch a new blockchain venture.

Blockchain Case Studies

Blockchain Case Studies

Coming Soon!

An in-depth examination of successful and unsuccessful blockchain applications designed to train business leaders to recognize the technology’s potential and limitations. Learn to evaluate trends and technologies currently used in blockchain initiatives and develop the perspective and experience to apply them effectively.


Machine Learning Foundations and Frameworks

Coming Soon!

A survey of key machine learning concepts and terminology. Explore the origins and implications of machine learning, as well as its applicability to existing business problems. Discover potential risks associated with machine learning and learn management best practices for mitigating them.

Data Science and Industry

Machine Learning and Industry

Coming Soon!

A course focused on becoming an impactful advocate for machine learning in your organization. Learn to distinguish effectively between data science and machine learning and to strategically apply the tools and technologies that comprise the latter. Develop workable plans to implement and manage machine learning initiatives.

Data Science Case Studies

Machine Learning Case Studies

Coming Soon!

Rooted in actual cases, this course is a guide to evaluating more complex machine learning situations that your organization may face. Explore the details of machine learning through expert-led practice, and apply major trending topics and technologies in the world of machine learning to real scenarios.

The Details

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4-8 Modules per Course

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4-6 Hours of Work per Module

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$1,000-$2,500 per Course

Our Learning Model

Watch the video to learn how our courses have been designed to accommodate a full range of learning styles, and how they’re built on a foundation of cognitive science principles to promote success among adult learners. See how our online learning platform lets you apply your new knowledge in content-rich simulations to help you emerge from our courses with developed, actionable skills.